Why a new political party?
What happens in the political parties?
The new political party is socio-economic-political company-declared authority and not declared authority (power)
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Why the system by which we live is not fair? What is the human act?
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Why a new political party?
All the current political parties together, whether in the authority or out of authority, in the parliament or in the community. Whether these parties left or right or central. All operate with their societies by rules which still the cause of the economic crises, Unemployment , wars, hyper-rich quickly and easily for a small exploiting category, poverty and suffering of millions of masses who form these communities.
Consequently, the cause of ignorance, crime and disruption of peace and social security. Reason of  corrupt media, reason of the low culture and consciousness of millions of masses (new illiteracy). reason of enabling the gang of money, politics and media (The Zionist lobby) of the world politics…etc.
Project of a new political party
Republic party (RP)
Christians Muslims Union
An example of what this system excretes and the wrong rules which by it function. In the current economic crisis. We see that the owners of the power apply in these crises the austerity on the citizens, and forgive at the same time themselves and the owners of high salaries and income from this austerity,and rewards themselves by the bonuses.  Note that they are themselves the cause of these crises.
The society due to the unity of the social interaction, namely the unity of the social tissue, is closer to a ship in a huge sea of relations, namely interactions and its results. The exploiters control this society ship in an unfair manner.
In the normal economic situation, they pump the material values (money) of the effort of millions of people. When the economic situation deteriorating and in the case of crisis. Namely, when the social sea is a turbulent and crispy. These exploiters throw the ordinary humans in this social sea despite they are the reason of them riches and power.
And when the sea returns calm. Namely, when the economic situation improves, they bring them back to the society ship. To be newly their source of power and richness. What happens in practice is a crime wear a cloth of democracy and law.
In our system. System of justice, equality, equal opportunities and social solidarity. When the economy wave fall down, all society ship fall down with all its society individuals, and bears with this situation who have capacity, high salary and large income. Because they led the community to, whether they are in the authority or outside it, whether they are in banks or other.
When the economy wave rising, rising also the society ship with everyone. We believe in the differences between incomes. But we do not believe in the enormous differences that come from the exploitative relations.
That is, we do not believe in a cash flow in one direction to exploiters hands, comes from the exhaustion of the citizen by immoral manner.
Britain and this wrong system, for example
According to John Moulton president of  better Capital, the question of the British public debt is a serious issue to the extent that labor or conservative politicians do not want to recognize, They prefer to talk about simple economic changes they want to do, And avoid, in fact, admit that they engaged in "a conspiracy against the British people. Worse, the media allow these politicians to do so. Because It believes, as the politicians themselves believes, that the people do not want to hear bad news. Moulton says "In short, we are partners in a conspiracy."
Moulton back to 1975, which he described as tough days, where the British government debt reached to the equivalent of 45% of GDP. The debt increase by 8% annually, which prompted Britain to beg help the International Monetary Fund in 1976, Which imposed its conditions on the United Kingdom, and the people have suffered from industrial conflict to a large loss of jobs.
Today, the debt equivalent to 65% of the GDP and increase by 13% annually. There is no need for economists to make sure that the situation is much worse than 1975. The situation was better in 1975, when the unemployment rate was half the current rate and when the economy fell by no more than 1/7 the decline in the British economy in 2009. In addition, the size of the invisible is less than the current debt and come in mostly from pension funds, To be carry by future generations, and now represents about 125% of GDP, compared with only 20% in 1976.
He adds that the British politicians know these facts, but fear of being the first to admit it, for fear of killing their hopes for election. And confirms that there is a need to the emergence of serious political leadership. Britain now needed to treat and not essential to the process of cosmetic
Let us get acquainted with some blessed (salaries, incomes, bonuses and profits). So that we can then understand, diagnose and define the current economic crisis.
The crisis requires sacrifice from all citizens of  Netherlands, but now increases the income of Queen Beatrix. The total fees to Queen Beatrix, the Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima in 2008 increased by EUR 0.2 million to EUR 6.1 million.
Gordon Ramsay - Cook. Great Britain
Year: € 5.102.041,00
Month: € 425.170,00
Week: € 102.041,00
Day: € 20.408,00
Oprah Winfrey - Talk show host, actress, editor, CEO, Harpo Productions
Year: € 202.205.882,00
Month: € 16.850.490,00
Week: € 4.044.118,00
Dag: € 808.824,00
Barack Obama - President U.S
Year: € 4.048.168,00
Month: € 337.347,00
Week: € 80.963,00
Day: € 16.193,00
Elizabeth II - Queen UK
Year: € 8.777.778,00
Month: € 731.481,00
Week: € 175.556,00
Day: € 35.111,00
Charles - Prince of Wales
Year: € 17.777.778,00
Month: € 1.481.481,00
Week: € 355.556,00
Day: € 71.111,00
Dan Brown - Writer
Year: € 7.352.941,00
Month: € 612.745,00
Week: € 147.059,00
Day: € 29.412,00
J. K. Rowling - Writer
Year: € 141.488.235,00
Month: € 11.790.686,00
Week: € 2.829.765,00
Day: € 565.953,00
Richest 2010
No.1 Carlos Slim Helu. $53.5 billion - Telecom, Mexico.
No.2 Bill Gates. $53 billion -  Microsoft, U.S.
No.3 Warren Buffett. $47 billion - Investments, U.S.
U.S. bank Goldman Sachs, the first quarter of 2010 posted a net profit of 3.46 billion U.S. dollars (2.58 billion euros
Laurence J. Ellison. Chief Executive Officer - Oracle Corp $ 56m
John H. Hammergren. Charman President and CEO - Mckesson Corp $ 34.2m
Mark V.Hurd. Charman of Ine Board CEO and president - Halett Packard  $30.3m
H. Lee Scott Jr. President and CEO - Wal-Mart stores Inc $30.1m
CEO Josef Ackermann from Deutsche Bank last year has seen his salary drop to almost 1.4 million euros, compared with around 14 million euros a year earlier
Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer last year earned 8.8 million euros. That is over 72 percent more than a year earlier, when the CEO pocketed EUR 5.1 million.
Ronaldinho Gaucho - Tootballer AC Milan
Year: € 20.408.163,00
Month: € 1.700.680,00
Week: € 408.163,00
Day: € 81.633,00
Tiger Woods - Golfer
Year: € 80.882.353,00
Month: € 6.740.196,00
Week: € 1.617.647,00
Day: € 323.529,00
Ben Stiller - Actor, script writer, Film Director and Producer
Year: € 29.411.765,00
Month: € 2.450.980,00
Week: € 588.235,00
Day: € 117.647,00
Gordon Brown - UK Prime Minister
Year: € 215.833,00
Month: € 17.986,00
Week: € 4.317,00
Day: € 863,00
Indra Nooyi - Chairman and CEO - PepsiCo
Year: € 9.367.647,00
Month: € 780.637,00
Week: € 187.353,00
Day: € 37.471,00