Why a new political party?
What happens in the political parties?
De nieuwe politieke partij is sociaal-economisch bedrijf - verklaard autoriteit en niet verklaard autoriteit (Macht)
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What happens in the political parties? -1
What do you know about the system of the political parties?. Perhaps you didn't ask yourself before, why lead a specific group the political parties of all kinds, as well as head the media in all its branches, whether television stations or newspapers.. etc, also the capital and the banks.
A specific group represents a minority in the society; meanwhile the overwhelming majority forms these political parties. This indicates that this category belongs to a one system which operates inside all parties, and in all power regions of the society. And achieve the progress of this category to the leaderships of these parties, and to its scientific studies centers and its media.
On the other hand the ordinary human who form the overwhelming majority of the parties members, is joining these political parties, and he imagine that he belongs to a party system, while the system of this category (lobby), works within the political party system, namely system within system.
We suppose that the number of the political party members in a city district is 300 members, therefore there is a nucleus group or group who represents or led these 300 members. We remark that any member of the nucleus group do not know who are those 300 members which he represent in his district. Despite that the nucleus group is the leadership or the representative of these members.
Thus the members who do not belong to the lobby do not know who represent; they are only phony or delusive representatives. Also the 300 members do not know each others, but the leader of the nucleus group he has only the list of the members and have the ability to connect them, and select from them who belongs to his group (lobby).
Also the leader of the nucleus group has the ability to connect the party leaderships. But the members of the nucleus group receive invitations from time to time to be in some meetings. This system makes the great majority of the party members inattentive, and makes the lobby members which they are small group in the party and the society, make them leaderships and representatives. Let us see the following schema:
Project of a new political party
Republic party (RP)
Christians Muslims Union
We can also explain that by the following schema: