Analysis in the lobby
Introduce the lobby its members in the newspapers and TV, throw light upon them till the normal person think that they are really an historical personalities.
The lobby seeks to swallow the simple peoples by the media, wherein they introduce them to the light, slide them to speak like they are really related to them intellectually, to effect the group which this simple person belongs to, like the TV interview of Rozenmoller with Mohamed B. of the interviews of Lary King.
Accomplishment of the deterioration, as example the excellent art work have no value only when they make it famous in them media, to be with a material value to trade in, at the expense of the human values which this artist seeks in his work and the sufferance and the hemorrhage which pay as price for it.
The lobby practice in the media the misleading and blackout on the truths, practice the intellectual terrorism, as example a new study demonstrate, that the American media did the misleading of the public opinion in the US about the truths of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Especially in the last 5 years.
The study which released by a group named itself "if the American know" said: the main media means in the US, from them "newyork times" newspaper and the main news networks " abc, cbs and nbc, have presented a unbalanced informative coverage of the second Palestinian Intifada (uprising).
The study leaned on the comparison between the killed numbers of both Palestinian and Israeli side, as the Israeli organization "bayt selem" for human rights  mentioned, and between the real informative coverage of this numbers from the American media means.
Elson ware said, which she direct the group during her presenting of the study, in a conference which she hold in the Congress center in the "Capitol hill", that the number of the killed Palestinians in the first year of the Intifada reached 549 opposite 165 killed Israeli in the same period, according the Israeli organization.
She explained that " newyork times" newspaper covered the news of the killed Israeli 119% while covered the news of the killed Palestinians 44% only.
Also was the covering of the American TV networks more bad than the newspaper according Ware, when became clear that the networks cbs and nbc covered the news of the killed Israeli 4 time more than the covering which gave to the killed Palestinians.
She said that what American people see, wherein the media do not present the information but work on the misleading, the year 2004 is not different - which in it killed 821 Palestinian- according the counting of the same organization- wherein the news coverage stayed as it was in the year 2001.
While the number of the killed Israeli reached 107 in 2004, the "newyork times" newspaper covered the reports of them killing 159 time and completely ignored the killing of more than 400 Palestinian.
What about the TV stations, the numbers has proved that it didn't talk only about what range from 28 to 39% of the Palestinian victims while it ignored the rest.
In addition the group found that the media coverage about the killed Palestinian came always in the context of the killed Isrealis covering despite of them large number.
The group indicates, that in the time that the misleading appear, regarding the Palestinian victims, the editors may avoid doing that with the Israeli to avoid encounter of accusation of anti-Semitism or Jewish hate.
"Ware" which she worked in the journalism confess that she was 'misled' before dealing with the same matter, but she continue saying: I fined now that many Americans are became interested in this matter, especially after they perceive that they pay 10 million dollar every day to Israel as aid offered by the US government.
To be mentioned that Israel receives annually from the US billions of dollars as aid, and it is from years the biggest receiver of the American aids.
In this subject said 'Ware': any of the 4 American media implements which was within the study, never talked about the size of the aids which offer to Israel annually, that in spite of the importance of this information in the democratic system.
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