Analysis in the lobby
In Netherlands as example if we do an neutral study, we will discover that the misleading ratio which this lobby achieve in the Netherlands media, greater is than the American media. As example the number of killed Palestinian after Sharm al Shaikh agreement passed 167, we didn't hear about most of them in the media.
In the example of the American media and the role of the Zionist lobby in it, can't separate it from the American policy ' Iraq invasion and partial to Israel, and can't separate from the lobby capital, 92 billion dollar from sailing of Iraqi oil, and destroying the Iraqi heritage and history ( 8000 archeological pieces lost, belongs some of them to 10.000 year), killing the people by the embargo and the depleted uranium, and can't separate from the reaching of the lobby members to the American authority, we find that the Zionist lobby is one in all the rings of the society nucleus and it is international.
Then how can an informative mafia watch and rule society and state, and there is no who watch and rule in a democratic urban society?
There are regulators must established to the media to make it the truth media, which serve the societies and don't serve the lobby aims.
1- Law binds the media to transmit the truth which occur in the world not deficient and as it happen.
2- Preventing of using the media for the benefit of a specific group.
3- Insertion of all society groups in the media to achieve the balance, neutrality and the credibility in the media.
4- Guarantee of the freedom of speech, removing all color of the intellectual terrorism and removing the equation of the anti-Semitism, that's to say the equation " Either the person have to submit to the Semitism or accused in anti-Semitism.
And there are many and many positions can watch about the role of the Zionist lobby in the media.
5- In the territory political parties (Ring number 5)
The first thing that we remark, that the lobby members concentrate in the media, studies centers and in the leadership of the political parties, utilizing the gaps inside the internal system of the party.
As example in the socialist party, suppose that the party members in an area of Amsterdam are 300 member, and therefore there is nucleus group for this area, according the system of this party.
most members of the nucleus group they don't know any member of these 300 member, which they form as team their nucleus.
Only the leader of the nucleus group have the list of the area members, and have the ability to connect and introduce himself to them, select from them who belongs to his group, without the attention of the 300 member of this area, without the attention of the rest of the nucleus members.
Also the leader of the nucleus group have the ability to connect the leadership of the party, but the nucleus members not, only they receive from time to time convocations to be present in the meetings.
This allow the leader of the nucleus group to run the elections for the leadership inside the party, then the municipal elections and the elections to the parliament with more chances to win.
Because he bring already who belongs to his group, to be in the nucleus group, forming majority inside the group, at the same time his group in the party and in the community are minority. As the following scheme:
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