Analysis in the lobby
This method of elections inside the political party must change, to include all members of the political party, even who are absent in the meetings, who they are practically the overwhelming majority.
That by creating a just system to achieve all members of the party, because he political party can't be a party with only small specific group, act as gang wear a dress of the political party. 
The system of the election within the political party, can be by sending the election papers by post, contain the names, photos and scrap of the candidates, such as them study, work and writings if any.
The member after selecting a candidate, send back the paper to the party. that can be achieved also by phone or fax or via internet. It must be a committee to control the counting of votes.
So, we prevent the exploitation of the lobby of the election system of the political party. and prevent its advance to the sensitive positions, like the editorial staff of the party.
If we count the number of the interviews in the socialist party magazine as example, we find that most of them was with persons who belong to a specific group.
That to bring them to the light and pushing them toward the forefront of the party and social life, and create from them an effective personalities, in the eyes of the inattentive majority, by deception and illusion.
At the time that must be the magazine reflect the party and its principles, and nation of 16 million people like Netherlands and not a specific group.
Simple example, by four demonstrations that I participated in, after suffering from the cold weather, the rally ended to a lobby member, which rose to the podium, to talk about Israel, at the time the demonstration was against the invasion of Iraq.
And the invasion of Iraq was originally completed by the Zionist lobby in the benefit of Israel, this lobby which dominate the American administration and its policy. As we know the socialism is other than the capitalism and imperialism.
Therefore the following rules must be realized in the political party:
1- Any member must know the other members of the party, because the political party is not a gang or political mafia or secret organization but a political party in a civilized society.
2- Forming of committee or organ in the party media, such as the magazine of the party, decide this committee and not one person, who shall interview, what topics to publish…etc.
These regulators in addition to the suggested election system make it difficult for an individual to use his position in the party, for the benefit of his group or lobby, and make it difficult also to reach these positions.
Surpass the lobby as system on the political party as system, as example:
1- The political party have no presence in the capital (very wide job relations, intellectual dependency, influence and hegemony), while the lobby has the capital octopus around the world, as example the political party can't establish a bank like abn-amro bank, and control 45.000 employee, utilize them effort, discharge 2000 employee and win billions euro in one year, deal by them with millions of people, and puts its hand on them material-social values.
2- The political party has no presence in the market economy while the lobby presence in a system and dominate the market and the prices, the political party as example cannot establish a chain of stores, or control the prices of the market but the lobby does that.
3- The political party have no dominant presence in the media, but the presence of the lobby is condensed in iternational media system which have and dominate.
4- The political party can not blockade an writer or prevent his books from publishing, or impose an articles in the newspaper or specific programs in the tv, or presenting the news in the way he want or the misleading or the blackout on the news but the lobby do that.
5- The political party can not create a scientists, after them feeding in all scholastic stages, and pushing them to the universities and research centers, but the lobby do that.
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Who attend the meetings of the city are few, represent maybe only 8% of the party members in a city, because the usual person join the political party by his individuality, he has no expectation and don't belong to a system like the members of the lobby.
He originally belong to the party according his simple social political consciousness, only because he want to feel that he belong to specific social section, and this feeling suffice him.
In this environment of inattentive members of the party and the society too, the chance is available for an lobby member more than the other party members in the party elections, he is trained to speak and write and supported from the lobby which is more organized than the party and its members.
And the members of the lobby inside the party are presents in the meetings of the party and in the sessions of the elections, they are not absents like the overwhelming majority of the ordinary members of the party.
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