Analysis in the lobby
Let us go into the society nucleus ring with some detailing, the role of the lobby in it and its work machinery.
1- in the Society (Rring number 1)
We see that all what the Zionist lobby has achieved are the values of the decay, injustice and tyranny, cancellation of the life values of justice, equality, equality of opportunities and existence in the truth, wherein be who used the efforts of millions of people an noble and he is a thief of all these efforts once he became rich by it, at the time we arrest who stealing even an apple and we throw in the jail.
Hindering and abortion the work of any person seek the justice and the truth, if that conflict with them activity and purposes, and him take away socially and diminution, close all the ways in front of him.  
From them methods they use, which I suffered from it personally and in more than one country:
Looking with sharpness in your eyes to frighten you.
Poisoning and deform your reputation and picture in the brain of the others.
Entering your house in you absence, steal something and leave symbols to frighten and confuse you .
They steal what you have owned by effort including an idea of you.
They steal your papers and documents even they steal the x ray photos of my tooth
They killed my father and sister by the ray to terrorize me, and they did that with many people.
They don't satisfied in them seeking to destroy any relations you try to build, but they blockade your idea socially through preventing you from publishing your articles or books.
Here we can mention an example, the intellectual and philosopher Roger Garaudy which he tried to print his book "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics", he didn't found any chance in Frans then he compel to print it outside his country.
They hurt not only the individuals and blockade them socially, in the job market and in the media, dress them the accusations, but they excite the spites between the different groups in the society, and utilizing the conflicts between them, Hirsi Ali is not far from us, for the knowledge she is a Israeli make and she is Jew behind a Islamic mask.
From the methods of the Zionist lobby also the truths turning and practicing the dirty wars on who stand in them way, like them war on Georg Galaway the member of the British parliament who opposed the war on Iraq, and of fabrication of his selling of the Iraqi oil, or them war on Clinton the former American president with Lewinsky, when he wanted to impose upon Israel the peace with the Palestinians.
Attempt to dominate on the simples people brains which form the great majority of the society, and to show themselves as the despotic dominant power in this world, through spread the lies the aim from it is to swallow every value or historical events.
As example Hitler was a Jew, and because he was angry from them as they didn't go back to the promised land, he punish them, or the Palestinian organization Hamas is of the Mosad make, or the 11 September attacks is them make, this is in the street, but in the media they are against the Nazism and terrorism and they are democratic…etc.
In the Islamic world, the hiding of them behind Islamic mask, he spread the poisons between the Muslims themselves, and release in the name of the prophet Mohamed a prophetic traditions from his invention, or he release a poisons between Syrians and Lebanese..etc.
in Iraq as example the lobby which I name it the political economical informative mafia, has exercise the destroying the botanical, animal and fishy wealth in Iraq through the Mosad during the embargo after infecting it with diseases, and exercise also during the invasion the burning of the national library which contain a infrequent manuscript.
That's to say destroying the heritage and identity of the Iraqis,  destroying the museum and what contain of old antiquities of the first civilizations in the Earth, that's to say destroy the history, and destroy 84% of the high education institutions and killing till now 350 Iraqi scientists.
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