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We need your support to control the english language in this site, if it is correct.
Also your support to translate this site in any other language.
The lobby use your existence value every day, in all life fields, and you don't know, the testimony, it has milliards of Euros and dollars from the effort of the millions of people like you, practice by it its influence in all life fields, if you don't put your material-social value with the others in a Equitable system, the lobby will increase growth, namely tyranny, and you will stay used and victim for always.
The human is an individual who live by himself, but in his existence as individual, he make the existence of the billions of  people, so these billions of people are collected individuals.
You alone can't make for yourself your refrigerator, oven, toothbrush, car and your bed..etc, and you can't alone pave the street you walk in and the school which you study in...etc.
Then the human exist with the others to be individual by himself, wherein we take from the others them effort values and give them our effort values, to be collected individuals, that's to say society.
We suppose that you have 10 euro, thus in the society, that is to say, it in the enormous number of people have no big value, but with others 10 euro of  many millions of people, will have a very big value, because it will express materially-socially on your existence with the others.
In order to be for us an active existence, in the rings of the society nucleus like the lobby, we have to reach these millions of people and them efforts values, whether these values are material or social,  political or others, thus what we seek is building a system, system works by justice and not by the lobby.
The human composed of physical-material structure (body) and mental-intellectual structure.
Therefore the human deed is always physical-economical and mental-social as in the following scheme: 
All what you will go to do, is building your list of persons, beginning with your family, friends to who you know, the members of your list do the same, that's every one of them will build his or her list, and so on, so we will reach the millions, by them we will build the just human system. As Follows:
When you include a human to your list, you include his material (money) and social values to a new just system. You block at the same time, the road in the face of the lobby, to invest in the material-social value of this human, in the benefit of its system. You will sever the roots of its nutrition, and will feed your right system.
The individual like other creatures is an interaction resultant (resultant of interaction relation).
Then the individual, any existence or anything, exist always by its relations. Namely by its interactions.
Driven by the  movement law.  The first law of life. Even the still stone is in movement, Movement of its atoms, its movement with the continents which belongs to, its movement with the Earth in its movements around itself and around the sun, and with the Earth in its movement with the sun, in one universe. In enormous interaction. By enormous number of interacton relations.
Thus, the movement law. Makes to things and creatures an activities and acts, meet another activities and acts, to form interactive relations, in which the interaction occur. Wherein every interaction produces interaction resultant, to enter immediately the interaction. To be change or development. Thus the universe to which we belong, Change (evolve) in every moment by the  movement law which doesn't stop.