The scientific steps to build our international human lobby
There are 3 basic correlated axises to build our organization, working in them will be at the same time, the most important of them at the current stage, is the capital axis. As the following schema: 
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1- The capital
Accomplishing of a growing dynamic capital, which is the material base of any social or political structure. As the following schema:
The society or any activity in the society, formed from a material-economical base, and intellectual-social or intellectual-political...etc structure.
Respect to our organization (the international human lobby), if we don't achieve the big capital, that's to say take into partnership the millions of people, the owner of right in this capital, because it is from their making, and put them in a equitable system, we will stay cry in a vacuum, without real deed on the reality ground, in the time the Zionistic lobby own and manage many activities. As the following schema of our organization with a weak capital.
Without wide capital include all the activities and reactions which occur in the society, we will stay cry in a vacuum, and talking without having a deed equal to the deed of the lobby, which have strong international capital, chains of banks, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, TV stations, supermarkets, companies…etc around the world.
All comes from its utilization of the societies with its system; by it influence the individuals in the job relations, media and in the political decision.
Our capital which is expression of the citizens effort, will manage it the citizens themselves and not the lobby. Thus the human in our system have right to own his effort value, and he is not a blind deaf machine as the lobby want him.
Having us a growing capital, will qualify our world front organization (the international human lobby) to have publishing houses, newspapers, TV stations, companies...etc in the long-range, also qualify us to create job opportunity for the people, and rising his living and cultural level.
Through chains of stores and economical project which will we work to establish, and qualify us to cover the students spends, researchers, sport teams, artists…etc, which they will create the understand and the response of millions of people to the idea which we want to build in the society.
And qualify us to march on the social, economical, political and media positions of the lobby, to be our right system at the end, the system of the existence.
That's qualify us this capital to make the normal person, a qualitative cultured dynamic active, making the decision by himself through the political parties and the authority and the other life institutions.
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