Analysis in the lobby - introduction

This is the part 3 of the research about the Zionistic lobby, which consist of the following 3 parts:
(Hope that you don't have fear from the term lobby, it is an gathering of people, works by social economical political methods, influence the life activities and the political decisions)
1- The scientific steps to establish the lobby.
2- Lobby structure (the organizational structure - committees - committees duties - internal system - management - method of work...etc)
3- The mechanism of the lobby work (as complete institution ) that's to say this pages, and I treat in it the Zionistic lobby, naturally we will practice the same methods, even more developed methods.
I have begun with the third part for the following reasons:

1- Awakening the normal person, whether he is European, American or Arabic or other, to know the methods of the Zionistic lobby members, in utilizing the people inattention, and the organizational mistakes which are latent in the political parties, that to hindering the lobby from the progress, consequently curtailment and afflict it in the paralysis and its projects abortion. That projects which harm the humanity.
2- Acquisition of the normal person of the scientific culture, whereof qualify him to play his roll, by the same lobby methods, but in favor of  the human and the humanity matters, and replace him in the lobby positions in the social, political and economical life.
3- Acquisition the normal person of increased trust in himself and his matter, after he infected by the confusion and labyrinth, will increase his trust in himself, his belonging at the end to enormous dynamic and active system.
4- Preparing the normal person to be for him and by him an human active lobby, seeks the justice, contrary to the Zionistic lobby, which used the human uglier use.
5- Discovering the conscious scientific capacities, and put them in a dynamic system, as a first step toward building our lobby itself as instrument.
All what I ask you is to carry this message, this study, to your friends which you trust, and explain it to them if they find some difficulties to understand, and entrust the others to deliver this message to the others, why?
If we want as example utilize the social and economical value of one million person in Holland, to create an economical projects, also to create the right system, that's to say to prevent Zionistic lobby from accumulating  the capital in his hand, using it by its system to dominate the job market, the market, media and the policy...etc.
So if we stay a few people, it means we will stay with small effect without wide social economical base, while the lobby use the whole society values, that's to say the social economical political values of the people. So if we reach one million person and every one participate with 5 euro only as example, as a share in an economical project, to create the capital, that's to say to create job chances for people, to own newspapers, magazines, TV stations in the long range.
In addition to begin with training of our members, to be active in the political parties meetings, or managing of an sitting, or delivering of an speech, or the method to speech in front the cameras…etc. or supporting the students and pushing them toward the success, in addition paying the salaries for who will devote to work in our organization...etc.
Besides the expenses of the printings, offices and halls fees...etc and the rest of the activities expenditures, till we arrive to have a strong media, publishing houses, supermarkets, factories, companies and strong capital… etc. Here to reach the one million person and explain them the idea, we must work as team, which expand and growth and work with system to carry out that.
So when you inform your relatives and friends in this idea, and stimulate them to inform the others also, and so on, we shall discover also who will work with us in this team, which will expand and develop during the transport of this idea, we will be in our way to reach the one million person, that's to say, that we practically shall practice the geometric progression, that's to say 2 become 4 then 8 then 16 then 32 then 64...etc.
Whenever, we advance in the accumulation of our effort, whenever the achievement is easier and faster, because the system and its individuals grow and formed. If we reach at the end one million persons, that means 5 million euro, we will launch from it in stability toward better future, and active organized roll in all life fields, whether it is social or economical or political...etc 
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