Iraqis children still die every day. except who during the embargo dies, that through the American administration imposed, that through the Zionistic lobby governed, in which was die a child every 6 minutes.
Iraqis children born deformed as a result of the depleted uranium.
palestinian terrorist !
Still born deformed children in Iraq and Palestine and other places as a result of the depleted uranium
Palestinian terrorist infant ! 
palestinian terrorist !
As a result of the agent orange still in Vietnam deformed children born
Where will the coming injustice be? 
Afganian terrorists !
Where will the coming tyranny be? 
Victims of Hiroshima and Nagazaki
The American soldiers, that the lobby him to the death driven, and has not allowed him to meet who he kill and killed through, his family cry now as the Iraqis cry.  Do not stand silent before your turn will come to cry. Let not the Zionist lobby use you as it used before you the innocents.
In the occupied Palestine still the occupier until now, pollute the water and the ground, infect the men in cancer, except the blockade, starving, torture in the prisons, daily dead, houses demolish, the Palestinian refugees still waiting to turn back to them houses and villages and towns that of existence disappears
We are simple ordinary people, suffered a lot of injustice, but we remain lovers of life and its values. We are looking forward to working with good people everywhere, to achieve a just system of life.
We see, the prices in the market, and see the masses of exhausted ordinary people and students and their suffering, hunger and hardship.
We see, how the capitalists monopolize human effort, and accumulate wealth, impose an unjust life system, laws and rules, which perpetuate social bleeding and misery.
We see how the capitalists create the crisis, which is the taxes of the ordinary human-being, who is the creator of their capital, but they exploit the workers and employees in these crises.
We see, how the worker and employee are afraid of the employer, where a new slavery and intellectual dependency.
We see, how "snakes" exercise Intellectual terrorism in the media, how they blur the truth, charging the minds of the people with lies, and we see how they create psychological barriers between peoples and contradictions between nations.
We see, how the Fraudsters make TV programs, Superficial and unfruitful, to keep humans sedated and na´ve.
We see, how the masked politicians reach authority, by deceiving inattentive peoples, who vote only and do not participate in the political life. And these fake politicians make decisions on behalf of the masses, contrary to what they promise.
We see, a global policy, governed by Zionism - a gang of money, media  and politics. Palestinian refugees have been waiting sixty years and are still waiting, to return to their villages. Which no longer exist.
We see, how people demonstrate in the streets, screaming and shouting with no practical action on the ground, and they don't realize that they can achieve that with the others, by organized work.
We see, the maimed Children, who are still born into this world, a result of the Agent Orange in Vietnam- the Uranium in Japan, Iraq and Palestine,also those who were maimed and burned by the white phosphorus bombs.
We see, how the fraudsters steal in the name of the State and the law.
We see, how humans make Capitalism and imperialism by their efforts and values, and are driven by this system, and they are unaware that they are able to achieve with others, the socialist capital, and achieve a just life system.
Be with us toward a better world
palestinian terrorist !
In Vietnam as a result of the Agent Orange still born the deformed, no one knows when the genetical defect will stop
Mother and democracy!
When the gang wear the cloth of the democracy and freedom
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