Analysis in the lobby
Analysis starting points
Let us first agree on material intuitions we deal with in our daily life
We suppose that you sit in a place and a ball has towards you rolled, thus the first thing that you will think in it is, that you will turn to see who he has this ball toward you throw, then the first thing we will think in it and that is logical, that behind every deed a doer. 
We suppose that you didn't see the doer, but sure you sew the ball as a material truth expressing on the actor and his deed (because it move in a specific direction and expressing on the brain and performance of the actor which we didn't see).
We suppose that second and third ball… etc  directed toward you in the same method, here what shall you think in it, that these balls have a reasonable behavior and behind them a brain ( because the balls didn't thrown in a random direction, didn't thrown by force to pass you, didn't thrown weakness to stop far from you). We discover that everything has a rational behavior must a brain behind it, expressing this behavior on this brain.
The same when we see many balls roll in specific directions and towards specific targets and in one manner, we discover, that the group of elements which work in the same manners toward a specific targets belongs to one system and one brain.
Starting from the previous examples and the basis which we discovered, we will try here to watch the elements and behavior of the Zionist lobby, which belong necessarily to one system to be a lobby, and has the same manners because of its belonging to the same system.
Let us looking to the simple diagram of the society anatomy, its active nucleus and the work mechanism of the lobby members, in the areas of this nucleus and therefore in all the society.
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