Analysis in the lobby
Of the living examples which we see today about the activity of Zionist lobby, and its seeks to monopolize a non united and strong Europe in front the American hegemony, which this lobby its administration and policy lead, and seeking to destroy any creative reaction built on the truth between Europe and Arabs and Muslims.
We can mention here Wilder in Netherlands, which call to Jewish Christian culture, and forget Wilder or pretend to have forgotten that the habits and traditions are not the culture, thus the cultured is who know the history, science, the values of the existence…etc, the habits is another thing, wherein the cloths and type of food imposed by the environment…etc. Wilder speak in the name of the culture, forget that the Arabic area and Europe was in permanent connection and from the raise of the history.
The sea which separate between Europe and the Arabic area was a binding between the two areas, it allow the human to move in a ship, which is closer to an moving castle, he can sleep and eat and hold enormous  merchandise in it, protect him this ship from the cold, warmth, dangers and fatigue, wherein the wind drive this ship without effort have to spend, crossing wide distances, contrary to the land which the human can't move with all the huge supplies and merchandise and expose to the dangers and stress.
As example Netherlands was till 1762 have the biggest navy in the world, and was the first economical power in the world by this sea, reached by this sea the far distances and reached Indonesia in the time it is closer to the Arabic world than Indonesia. 
The European civilizations was an extension to the first Arabic civilizations by this sea, indication on that, the Greek civilization rise directly after the first Arabic civilizations, then follow it the Roman civilization. It didn't rise at the same time of the first Arabic civilization, because the human who transmit the civilization.
If there was to the Greek and Roman civilization, an self rise and development factors.
then it will be raised at the same time of rise of the first Arabic civilization like Sumerian and Babylonian…etc. thus the civilization to rise need a time to discover in it, its factors and accumulate its organized efforts using these discoveries in building the civilization, we can therefore say, that the European human is not more than the old Arabic which was connected always with Europe, and the Arabic human also is not more than the old European which connected always with the Arabic world.
The indication is, that the Greek and Romanian civilizations were also in the Arabic area, because of the presence of this connection beforehand. The indication also is, that Europe became a Christian and Jesus was born and perform his message in the Arabic area, if this connection was not, then Europe will became not Christian, therefore the Arabs and the European which mixed with them, are who transmitted the message of Jesus and settled in Europe as their first grandfathers did in the old history.
If the wars in spite of its disadvantages represent a big historical continuous gush, but the natural emigrations as a resulting from the natural connection through the commerce, immigration, research and discovering, it played this roll in transmitting the civilization through the human who move and transmit.
We see that the recent European civilization began as a extension of the Arabic Islamic civilization from Cicely in Italy and Toledos, Granda, Kurtuba in Spain and Constantine in Turkey, wherein the books of the Arabs and Muslims was studied in the European universities and schools, expressing on the remaining and continuation of that connection. the Muslims from them side, translated the Greek sciences and react with it and they add to its them discoveries, so we see the creative reaction between Europe and the Arabic area was continual and still.
the picture of the civilized intermix, cultural reaction and linguistic exchange which was no similar to it in the time of the Islamic civilization, wherein was the scientists convoys of the Arabs and Muslims and Europeans equally, moves through the European and Andalusia borders, holding the books and manuscripts, destined for the science, intellect and debate councils in Toledos, marcile, Kurtuba and even Constantine.
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