Analysis in the lobby
In addition, the necessity of the Muslims faith in the previous verse about Jesus to be Muslims.
And that is logical because God one self and will practice his deed in all these creatures with the same self and essence, in all people tongues, races and colors, in all different times they live, thus the law of God is continuing in the changing time and in the changing creatures.
Because God is remaining and he is the authority of this changing which not stop, pushed by the life movement which not stop, Jesus and Mohamed as example they was not wear the suit and the cravat and they eat by the fork and knife, and there was no airplanes and trains in them time, and we became in our time so.
There are no Jesus or Mohamed between us now, while remain the same Earth which they live on it before us turn around itself and turn around the sun without stopping, that is a material expressing of the remaining of this comprehensive authority or God, and expressing of the remaining of his laws and system which by it wanted to be a God of the creatures. That's to say this Islam or the submission to God.
we see in the Quran despite Jesus was sent to the sons of Israel and in not Arabic language as talk it now, but he found on the Arabic Quran as existence values on the hand of God in this Islam, thus the Muslims which cling to the Quran are closer people to the Christians, because they cling to Jesus and who believe in him.
So then the Zionist lobby disfigure the history and the truths, when Sharon kill as example 20.000 unarmed Palestinians in Sabra and Shatella, except Deer Yasin massacre and others, and displacement millions of Palestinians from them villages, which canceled from the existence, is not terrorism in the Zionist lobby media.
Imagine if the Israeli come to Netherlands now, protected by the Britons army machines, as they did in Palestine before, and they kill from the Dutch people what they kill by the Hajana band and others, displaces millions and destroyed villages and houses, what shall the Dutch nation do other than the resistance?
Shall believe every possessor of  brain and heart that the Dutch resistance in this case are terrorism, and the terrorists occupiers are democratic?, that what do the Zionist lobby in the human society and in its media, and what it accomplish of deterioration values and taking away the existence values, and they call that culture.
Thus the Zionist lobby culture (the political economical informative mafia) is non human, falling, narrow, destructive culture and can't replace the human culture and its values, that's to say the justice, equality, freedom, equality of opportunities...etc of the existence values.
There are many methods the Zionist lobby uses in the societies which infiltrate, this study cants contain to relate.
2- in the territory science and technology. (Ring number 2).
Because the Zionist lobby put his hand on enormous capital, it seek to push its members to learn and getting a high certificates, and push them to the universities and the research centers, because of its strong capital, have international companies, in its practice its members the research and development, also plant the lobby its members in the companies, specially the weapon industry companies, to loot the technology and spying.
3- In the territory capital (Ring number 3).
I think we don't go to find a difficulty if we do a simple study, to discover as example in Netherlands that the banks dominated by the Zionist lobby, in the time formed the Dutch society from 16 million person.
That's to say a small group practically command the capital at the expense of a group which form the great majority of the Dutch society, this capital which end in them hands is the material value of the effort of 16 million Netherlander, it is not hidden to us the role of the capital in the life and its influence in the society and all its institutions.
It is enough to give an example, that an American movement which opposed the war, contribute an lobby member to it 4 million dollar to swallow socially and politically, in the time he still gain from millions of people his billions, and all we know who stand behind the media and who dominate, especially in the western world and who dictate its direction.
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