Analysis in the lobby
6- The political party its presence is partial in the political life, Authority and in the core rings of the society, and has not one system in all rings, while the presence of the lobby is comprehensive, because it use all the core rings, all political parties and organizations. As example SP party cannot send one of his members to be in the forefront of another party, or in its research bureau or in its media, but the lobby do that and in all parties.
7- The political party cannot insert its members in the forefront of the 6 core rings of the Americans, French or other societies, but the lobby does that in all world societies.
8- The political party cannot move a strong army of a country to invade another country, and mobilize the citizens and the media, exploit by its hegemony armies of another countries, but the lobby do that, like invading of Iraq by USA for the benefit of Israel.
9- The political party cannot dominate many countries by strong country, and impose upon them the political subordination in the UN, or the economical subordination to turn in its orbit, but the lobby does that.
Thus in USA as example, arrival of the lobby members to the forefront of the political parties, be capable of leadership positions in the authority pyramid, indicate that they belong to a system, and they arrive to that by well-organized methods.
The hegemony of this group which its enumeration are 5 million person, on 250 million Americans indicate on the presence of a system and work mechanism used by this lobby, which exploit the inadvertence of these millions of peoples, in developing of its capital and to wage wars on another nations.
If you consider that this in USA is an chance, you will find the same system in another countries, we indicate the unity of the organization, methods and targets. As one politician says: The Jewish rule the world by representation and let the people die for them.
Practically the members of the lobby belong not to the political party which they are members in it, but they belong to the lobby, they use the parties as tools to achieve their lobby targets.
5- In the territory Aauthority (Ring number 6)
Due to the defect in the social system which the lobby utilize, which the lobby permeate through to advanced positions in its 6 rings, we find the absence of the rules in the authority which necessitate on the authority to poll the people in the wars as example.
Because who will hold the arms and kill and killed is the normal citizen and not the authority, because he do not contradict the persons who go to fight, because he did not know them originally and he did not dialed with them, if the authority individuals want to enter an war, then they have to wear the army uniform and hold the arms and they fight as long as the decision is their decision.
No wonder the entry of Netherlands at the side of USA in its invading of Iraq, indicate of the actual presence of this lobby in Holland.
we find also the absence of the justice at the euro applying, thus there was no law which  impose upon all the shops owners, to convert officially the price of any goods from gulden to euro, and not leaving the market to the piracy and looting the material values of the people efforts.
Thus the good which its price 1 gulden was became its price 1 euro and more, that's to say more than 2 gulden, and what follow that of weakness of purchasing power of the individual, and the social economical problems too, at the time the lobby companies has its wins double, thus in the lobby law changed the employees salaries officially to the euro.
Where the salary of the employee became half practically, but in the market the price of the goods duplicated without law protect the normal citizen, all of that indicate on the strong presence of the lobby in the authority and its decisions.
Offen utilized the normal person by the maneuvers and arrogance of the political leaders, like what Bush in USA and Berlusconi in Italy have don, thus must create a law which bind the politician who reach the authority, by observance of what he promise in his election program which by it he reach the authority.
Who not comply he must stop in front of  the court by accusation of deception, trickery, fraud and the illegal reaching to the authority.
About the authority there are many other examples, this concise study cannot hold.
After all of that, what's remaining for us to share to be socialists? The lobby is a morbid phenomenon which not related to the humanity. it is rightly an destructive cancer which harm the human as existence essence, wherein this lobby transform him from existence value to a blind deaf machine, divested from his meaning, brain, effort, history and his natural drift as human toward his brother the human.
The normal mafias steal and extort little of the human effort and freedom, and kill some people. But the lobby steals the human from himself, steal the human from the human, steal the history, and kill millions of innocents by the inattentive innocents.
Is there solution?
Yes, little of consciousness and willpower
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