Analysis in the lobby
As we said that the lobby has not accomplished the life values, but accomplished the injustice and deterioration. An example of that, the bank abn amro in Netherlands dismiss from its bank 2000 employed, before declaring that the profit in the last year was billions of euro.
So the human became in the lobby system a cheap article, with knowledge that this human and the material value of his effort was behind the billions euro which abn amro gain.
In the territory market economy, it is enough to give an example, when the euro applied, the first step that this lobby took which is spread through the market, that the article which was its price one Florin became one euro, that's to say 2 Florin, and what follow of doubling its wins and more, at the expense of the citizen which became his salary practically half.
Moreover utilized this lobby what follow the Euro of popular complaint to abort the European constitution and prevent by that rising a strong Europe stand in the face of the American policy and its hegemony, because this Zionist lobby dominate the American administration and its policy which they want it to stay as only power dominate the world.
It is not enough for the Zionist lobby to form enormous capital from the sweat of the nations, but it wage wars by the effort of the nations and its blood, and offer enormous subsidies also from the effort of the nations as the case of the offers of American people to Israel with billions of dollars, which the citizen payed from his effort at the expense of the social and health security and the education.
In the time be the benefit and future of Europe is in its connection with the Arabic area, because the European is not more than the first Arabic which immigrates to Europe and mixed with its people, wherein the union between them, will be for the benefit of both.
Wherein they will form the first power in the world, for the reasons which we mention some of them here:
1- All the first civilizations was in the Arabic area, that indicate that this patient obdurate nation is blown developed despite the very deteriorating situation which they live now.
2- The Arabic nation clinging to the existence values, its love to the humanity and the holder of the sky messages and who maintain it.
3- In the great Arabic area there is the different topographies relief, raw materials, the shiny sun, oil and gas sources and the workers, what qualify it to a great rising on the hand of the European human and his technological advance, which is a extension to the first Arabic civilizations.
4- The sea between Europe and the Arabic world is an bind, as was from the beginning of the history.
5- The number of the Arabs will increase which give this forming a strong push forward.
6- The Arabs forms a nucleus of a enormous Islamic world of more than one billion human, that means an enormous futuristic economical political power.
4- In the territory media (Ring number 4).
The speech will be long on the criminalities which Zionist lobby or this international mafia has practice and still, it is enough to say that Bush which represent one symbols of this lobby, which invade Iraq and throw aside the UN and the international legitimacy, became in the Zionist lobby media the democracy pioneer.
With knowledge that more than million disarmed Iraqi killed by the siege alone, except thousands of deformed children's due to the depleted uranium weapons, except the destruction of the infrastructures like polluted water and electricity till now.
Bush refuse in the name of this democracy the UN decisions which obligate Israel which extort the ground of the Palestinian and destroyed them houses and erase them villages from the existence, exile refugees waiting more than 57 years to turn back to them houses which removed from the existence.
Who resist this subdual and injustice and defend his existence, he is terrorist, with knowledge that the law of the heaven and the UN law permit the nation for the armed resistance against the occupation.
The same lobby media name not as example the French or Italian resistance during the occupation an terrorism, but Israel which practiced all this terrorism with respect to the Palestinian people, it is a oasis of democracy in the media of the lobby and it is the victim.
Who object to this injustice and trickery and brains and innermost confiscation and practice of the intellectual terrorism he is of course anti-Semitism.
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