Our way
We believe in the fruitful work on the ground as way to achieve a just system, and believe that the demonstrations and speeches are not the real solution, wherein the lobby accumulate its capital and activities, and impose its system on the ground.
We call individuals and organizations to unite in one global front. We meet on the fundamental principles, each individual or organization with its own ideological line and identity.
We meet. In a Systematic work, accumulate its tangible results on the ground, where the Capital owned and controlled by the public and them system, not the system of the human blood suckers, money and media mafia of the Zionist.
Our goal is to achieve justice, equality, social solidarity and equal opportunities.
Our goal is the liberation of the human act and its material social value from the exploitation and arbitrariness, liberalization of human from the intellectual dependency.
We seek to achieve economic activities, provide by it opportunities of work with fewer hours and better wages, and social activities in which the people meet each other, to impose our just system on the ground.
Our global front is seeking to achieve the human culture, consolidate it in the human, the culture of truth, justice and peace.
We Seek to achieve a global human order, does not operate by the lobby system. Where In the whole world there is a Zionist lobby, which dominates the global policy, capital and media, and exploit innocent peoples to achieve its goals.
We seek to remove the psychological barriers and misunderstanding, created by the lobby among peoples.
We seek a free United Nations, ruled by law , not the great Powers, which dominates its policies the lobby.
We Seek to help innocent people in the world, as they are now in Palestine, Iraq and other countries, rather than to send them Apache and F16 to kill, as the lobby do.
We seek to support the students, the elderly and low-income categories, provision cheaper goods for the citizens, especially in regard to food.
We seek media working by truth, free from the grip of the lobby. Liberating the human from the intellectual terrorism, freedom of opinion and freedom of speech, providing opportunity for all the components of the people to participate in the media, and expression directly themselves without custodianship of one.
We seek to awaken the normal human from his inattentiveness, encourage him to participate in political life and parties, owards a world controlled not by the lobby.
Contribute in construction of a better world, for you and your coming generations. When you remain motionless silent. They will take your place and speak in your name and decide on your behalf. Then you will be the next victim.
All what you will do, is a simple activity        
We will bet on your consciousness and value as human beings.
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Also your support to translate this site in any other language.
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