The scientific steps to build our international human lobby
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2- The brain
The brain of the international human lobby which we seek to establish, must hold the scientific culture qualities, the culture of the analysis and building, formed this brain from the holders of the qualification, educated, intellectuals and the holders of the experience.
them duty is to transfer them knowledge and experience to all members, such as political science, economy, sociology, and also the method to speak or the behavior in an situation, or the method to delivering an speech, or managing a meeting, even the clothing's and the aspect and the method to treat the people, because who learn something from them and outside his field, will gain the scientific method in thinking and discovering and building.
After the preparing of the members, we will push them to be in all political parties, to express from inside the parties about the right matters, and to make the system of these parties, working with the human democratic culture and not the political mafia culture, that's to say the Zionist lobby.
Because the political parties area (ring 4), is the most important area, as it is nearby the political decision (authority) and the media, which is at this stage in the hand of the lobby.
This brain in addition of performing the creating and steering the brains, it continue in maintain these brains and support it in its new positions, and guiding it in its new relations.
3- The organizing:
The organization formed from groups, every group formed from number of members who live in an area or a part of city. Managing of the meetings is by alternate, because the values and the principles have to manage, and not the individuals.
At the same time it is a chance for the members to gain experience in managing the meetings, the members share to present the subjects, discussing and analyzing it, finding the solutions.
Regular meetings of the local groups take place every week, or what the group decide, meetings of all groups of a city together, take place every month, to evaluate what has achieved in one month, and to discover the mistakes and the obstacles, to put the scientific resolves of it.
These meetings are also chances for acquaintance and continuity, as a social dimension of the organization. Any group can select a member or a group of members, for the coordination and binding between the groups in one city.
We can formulate the organizational structure, and the work mechanism of the international human lobby, which we seek to build, by the following schema:
+About us
+Our way
+Your easy step
+Be in my list
+So works the Zionist lobby
+The scientific steps to build our organization
+Analysis in the zionistic lobby-introduction
+Analysis starting points
+The lobby in the society-ring1
+Europ and arabs and moslims
+The Arabic words in the Dutch language
+The Arabic words in the Italian langauge
+Quran has realized Jezus and Muslims are the closest to the Christians
+Christians are Moslims before the Moslims, what is the Islam?
+Palestinian resistance is a legal right
+The lobby in the science and technology-ring2
+The lobby in the capital-ring3
+The lobby in the media-ring4
+The lobby in the political parties-ring5
+Comparison between the political party system and the lobby system
+The lobby in the authority-ring 6
+The intellectual terrorism
+Be a member