The scientific steps to build our international human lobby
To achieve the capital, all members after them conviction, participate according them ability by shares, in these economical projects. Because in addition that they will gain material profits, rising them living level, rising also them social and cultural level, that's them consciousness in the matters, which they work to achieve with more and stronger elements.
Because these economical activities will accompanied with social cultural intellectual activities, allow them to learn, training and developing. Participate also in this economical projects, the normal person who belong not to our organization, to make this economical social reaction base include all the society, because we seek to achieve a right system, alternative to the destructive exploiter system of the Zionistic lobby.
Thus the lobby is a system and we can't be instead of it, only by a system elevated on its system. 
Creating the capital as the following schema:
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We can explain the current reality of the human society and its material efforts values (capital), which the international Zionistic lobby manage, therefore using this capital to manage the human society informational and politically, through the following schema:
But in our just system which we seek to achieve, it accomplish the liberation of the human with his effort, from the grip of the Zionistic system, economically, socially and politically
Our system in simplicity seeks to liberate the human act and its social material value
In our system we will compete with the Zionistic lobby, in all life activities and in all positions, to return the material social values of the citizens to them, whether improving of them income or them life level, cultural level, social and health insurance, education, transport…etc, also liberating of this citizen from the intellectual terrorism (like or you have to submissive to the Semitism or you accuse of anti-Semitism), and liberating him from imposing the political curatorship on him, strengthening him to decide by himself.
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