The scientific steps to build our international human lobby
The activities of the groups will be as follows:
1- Transporting the opinions, worry, problems and suggestions of the normal citizen, forming and presenting it for discussion. Decisions take place always by agreement or by voting, in the one group, or in the meeting of all groups.
2- Organizing common social activities, to allow the citizens by all them ethnic groups for acquaintance, like nations fashions, nations dishes, nations songs festivals, exhibitions, symposiums…etc. and encouraging the people to joining our human system, because our organization first of all is a economical social organization, seeks to raise the economical social cultural level of the normal citizen, to prevent the Zionism from using him and his values.
3- The group perform developing the culture and performance of its members, like training to manage a meeting, or to discuss, or delivering of an speech…etc. Seek the group to put a schedule for all its members with cooperation with all groups, for all sciences especially the political science.
4- From the essential tasks of the group is organizing the activities, festivals, parties, lectures, discussions meetings, exhibitions, distribute fliers…etc, to inform the people in our justice idea, and win them as new members.
5- Members of the groups who belong to the political parties, all members profit from them experience, the groups discuss them performance and support them, these members who entered the political activity, have to transport them knowledge to the members.
6- The groups perform the study of any economical project, watching its execution, with the coordination with other groups, presenting ideas to make the project succeed.
Emerges from the groups different committees, perform a limited activities and work all in a system, this is the list of the committees, and them work field and the temporal targets.
1- Committees of observation and confrontation.
Watching all what publishing in the newspaper, magazines, radio, TV, internet…etc of the media channels, of lies, distortion, and response on it in rational scientific method.
2- Party preparation committee.
To prepare and culturing the members politically, to  enter the political parties. Study this committee the work mechanism of all parties, its internal system and the Zionists who infiltrate in, them work mechanism, activities and positions…etc.
3- Student committee.
To support the students.
4- Workers committee
To observe workers condition, support them to improve them living, social and cultural level.
5- Writers committee.
To prepare professional writers, push their articles to the newspapers, magazines and publishing houses..
6- Translation committee.
To translate books and articles from language to others, especially the themes which deformed by the Zionism..
7- News committees.
To presenting the news in an human honest vision, and not as the Zionism presenting, struggling to let the news channels adopt our human vision. These committees working also in preparing programs to the TV stations, like documentary film about Palestine and Iraq and the suffering of the people there.
8- Committee of the social activity.
To organize art, mode exhibitions, musical parties, poetry, songs festivals, sport matches…etc. to build relationships between us and the people, and between the people them self, the human relationships is a bridges pass on it the just idea which we want plant in the society.
9- Social support committee.
For pursuit the familial and social problems, like alcoholism and drug addiction, and finding the resolves to it.
10- The economical building committee.
One of the most important committee, because all what shall build and what possible to achieve depend on the performance of this committee, the human is a material presence in his idea, material body in his idea, extension of that, we find that the society have a material economical activity, and social intellectual activity, therefore our organization have to build itself by both structures, the economical and intellectual structure, the activity of this committee is to establish a small economical growing projects, to create the dynamic growing capital. Growing job opportunities, that's to say achieving the just system.
11- Communication committee.
To communicate the organizations, associations, parties, individuals…etc. and coordinate between them, all over the world, introducing our project, arriving to the international anti-Zionism front.
12- Counting and analysis committee.
Tabulation of the names, activities, relations of the Zionists in the world, analyzing this activity to know the other side, wherein all our names, activities, photos, university documents, even the x ray photo of my teeth which they stolen and transported to the Mosad. We do that in order not to omit other side, and there is no Mosad for us, our aim is to protect our self from them hurt.
13- Research committee.
It is equal to the scientific bureau in the political parties, prepare this committee the scientific studies about subjects and phenomena, which are important for our organization, to improve its performance, help it to forming its speech, drawing its plans to achieve the targets, also preparing the scientific studies about the society.
14- Evaluation committee.
One of the very important committee, wherein evaluate this committee the performance of the committees, and the touched results which take out on the reality ground, present studies about that, supported with numbers and graphical drawings, to improve the performance of the committees.
Of course, can a one committee consist some branch committees, according to the activity nature which will perform.
Law, who works in the organizational structure of our organization, is: Not be a central administration, that monopoly all the roles and decisions. The Organization is not at the same time, without management, to lose the performance of the system.
It is possible that the Zionists penetrate our organization behind any mask, and that what they do always, even if that happens, they Will not find a way to influence our organization, as they do from within the political parties and organizations, utilizing the mistakes in the internal system of these parties.
Thus the principles and rules manage always, not the individuals.
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