Analysis in the lobby - introduction
Therefore to inform the relatives and friends in this idea are not a marginal matter, but it is substantial matter, will depend on it every work in the future, because if we don't achieve that, This means faltering in achieving our goals, at a time, the Zionist lobby has precede us in organizing itself from year 1882, who work with a big material base, and its system complete, and its presence in the political parties, authorities, media and in the economy.
So when we reach one million people, that means we reach in bigger velocity our media, publishing houses, our presence in every political party and every human activity. Reaching at the same time the raise of social, cultural, political and also the subsistence level of our human, then it is a simple roll to inform and explain and to have patient in front the others, but it is very important and substantial in its effect and results.
Then hold a notebook and pen and write the names of who you know, inclusive the organizations and personalities that you have no direct relation with, start with your relatives and friends, put a plan and appointments to move upon them and to explain this idea to them, don't forget to entrust them the necessity of emphasis on the others, to deliver this idea to the others.

So we unite all of us in one idea and one work system, the Zionism is an system, and we have to create the system, and the factors in our hands are outweigh in enormous shape on the factors in the hand of the Zionism, thereby we share out the rolls between us as first step, all what shall we do is an easy and possible work, but if we throw this work on the shoulder of one person then he can't, then we present only together to be with our active role in the life.

Don't forget also to write the qualifications of every person, is he excellent in the language to help us in the translation, is he economist to give as an idea how we can establish an successful economical project, is he an computer expert to help us in an site on the internet, is he tactful and having a wide culture, to talk in our name in the symposiums and in the media…etc.

Here we make all people profit and learn from the culture and knowledge of all, to advance and transmit this enormous much of people to active type, accumulate them material results on reality ground.
In simplicity our goal is making the normal human conscious and trained, we move and insert him in all life activities, and utilize his performance for the human matters. We have known the target. What is the instrument (lobby) and the work methods which bring as to the target?. That's what we will know later in the first and second part of this study.
The Zionists will try as usual deforming my reputation in your brains, and accusing me in all colors of accusations; this is one of them methods. To frighten you, cut my relation with you and abort this just project.
If anyone tries to do that with you he is:
1- Whether he/she is Zionist behind Islamic, Christian or other mask.
2- Or one pf those who sold their conscience and nation, on degradation, despair and a lack of of consciousness.
3- Or one of the naives who swallow them poisons and believed what they sayed and he is inattentive.
If we ask our self, why the Zionists seeks to plant themselves in all society assemblies, organizations, companies, parties...etc?
1-To know what is happening in real time in such activities, if that is positively or negatively for them, and knowing who are hostile to them and his relation…etc, therefore they will act according these information's, like preventing me by agitation of suspicions around me wherever I move, and inform all the Zionists members about me.
2- Trying to recruit or gain or programming the brain of who have no consciousness or willpower, the exploitation of his poverty as example, of course they exercise them blockade socially and at work, as they are planted in the most sectors.
This person who exposed to them pressure, belong not to system and live by his individuality and face a system, therefore due to the lack of consciousness he feel weak,, when we establish our organization this reality will be the contrary, because our number is far bigger, and the world which we belong to is enormous, and our faith in our right matters is Unwavering,
3- Trying to influence these assemblies and activities from inside it for them interests.
4- spreading of poisons and try to abort and prevent any initiative form a futurisctic seriousness to them, and excitement of the doubt, confusion and chaos, to exhausting and dismounting of any system works might accumulate its efforts, of what form a threat to them system.
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