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To understand the human laws. which is the building cell of the social tissue (interaction tissue, and to understand the human act and the human interaction. Let us first understand some of the following terms:
The human act: Is an activity in which the individual uses his realization, in defined tools and methods, in a specific direction to achieve a specific target. The human act According to the law "The inside secretes the outside", is always material and mental social, because the human who perform is a material body in its brain.
The human act is not act only when it meet other act or material.
For example, Bar or a supermarket or a bank in the desert where no one. Here the goods, tools and money will not have value. Because they are results of an interaction and gain its value in the interaction. Namely gain its act a value in the interaction.
Thus, as the masses is the presence maker of the supermarkets and the Bank, and its accumulated capital (which is the material values of their efforts). These people can then own the supermarkets and the Bank and administered by themselves. What qualifies people to do so is their consciousness. This is what we are trying to achieve. To build the consciousness in the masses. And put them in a fair system.
The interaction relation: It is the relation which arises when the individual entering in an interaction with other individual or others. That is when two or more acts meet.  Moves through these relations the socio-material values of the individuals efforts.
Interaction system: the rules, regulations and laws which regulate and control the interaction. For example, work for eight hours is one of the rules of the system of the work interaction. Unemployment and social-material bleeding of the people, the cash flow in one direction and the economic crises, are the results of interaction, working by inhuman system. The interaction results enter the interaction as new interaction elements as soon as it arises, causing the change (development) in the interaction.
Effort value: symbol reflects the effort of an individual or several individuals, whether this effort is physical or other. For example, 10 Euros is a material expression of effort you performed in one working hour. Since the effort you performed is physical mental, therefore the effort value is always material-social, according the law: The inside excrete the outside. You obtained the effort value in the social interaction, wherein you practice your activity, and you use it in social interaction. That's the effort value as interaction result enters the interaction immediately after its birth, To generate the development in the interaction.
The law the inside excrete the outside: Laws that governing an body are the same laws that govern its external behavior. For example, as the human is a material body in its mind, we see that the human activity is mental (Social) and physical , and the value of his effort is material-social. We see also that the human laws are the laws of the society.
The social tissue (interaction tissue):
Is the network of the intersecting social relations (interaction relations) between individuals, whether it is direct relation, indirect or resulting relations. Transmitted through it the material-social values of the individuals.  By it achieved the social interaction, this tissue links individuals to be a society.
Interaction Pole (pumping station of values. intersection Station of relations):
Point in the interaction tissue. in it meet and gather, the efforts values of individuals. It is the side of pumping  these values, whether it is material or other
Such as bar. frequented by individuals, the individual deal with this bar by his individuality, but the owner of the bar deal with all individuals and their values.
The individual interacts with the bar for example by a material value of his effort of 5 Euro, as well as other individuals. But the owner of the bar interacts with 1000 Euro, are the material values of total individuals efforts, in interaction time we suppose 1 day. That's Interact with material values of group of individuals,. values of their efforts go in the direction of this Pole. Political party, for example, is also an interaction pole; pump the socio-political values of the individual's efforts.
Direct interaction relation:
Is the relation that arises by the direct interface of the human acts.
Indirect interaction relation:
Is the relation which results from a direct or indirect relation. Namely the relation that established by the indirect interface of the human acts, through other acts.
The resulting interaction relation (quality relation):
Interactive relation, which is produced from an act, exercise it an individual or group of individuals, in an direct or indirect interaction relation, to be in a direct or indirect relation. Such as, you transmit a positive idea for an individual which adopted. Then that individual brings to another individual. Here your relation with the first person is direct, with the second person is indirect, and it is resulting interaction relation. Due to the the development (interaction result) that occur in this relation. namely you produced by your act a interaction relations connected by one idea. In building of your list, You will achieve the resulting relations. Also when you invest the capital of your list, you will achieve the resulting relation. Namely you will include other members to your just system.