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We appreciate your support to correct the language mistakes in this site or to translate in any other language.
The beginning, I express my thanks to all of you, for your understanding and solidarity.
I am Saad Alani. Founder of the international movement World Front.
My priority in my life:
A- Philosophy: God. The essence of God. Existence and its laws.
    Allah in Arabic means: The God (al in Arabic means: The. ilah in Arabic            means:God).
B- My project: world front - Christians Muslims union. Achieving life principles.
C- Art: Painter sculptor critic.  Which I use also as tool and international language to capture the truth and to leave my messages. Have not done anything for years for lack of time.
Al-ani means someone who comes from Anah or Ana such as the Venetian.
Ana is a simple small ancient city. Located on the Euphrates from the Assyrian time.
I studied four years faculty of medicine then I stopped.
Dutch nationality and live in Amsterdam as well.
Me in one of the campains of the SP party in Amsterdam, which I was one of its members.
Me in one of massive demonstrations in Amsterdam. Holding the Logo of the old name of the movement. Anti Lobby International.
After the acquaintance,
As this analysis requires too much time, and its Completion is slow. And as we have so far enough vision about our way. Let us then start to work.
Try to read first "Your easy step" So that you have an idea, about what are you going to do.
Be free with your brain and act. Free from the intellectual terrorism illusion.
We are normal people who struggling to achieve a fair human system. You have to be proud of that. Because you by your simple act, will achieve the just existence for millions and even billion of human beings.
Remember also that you belong to a huge sea of Christians Muslims and humans around the world, who meet with you on the same principles. So try to break the psychological barrier with the others.
Do not resent from the word "politics". You deal with the politics in all details of your life. (Due to the unity of the social interaction). Political decisions apply to you and you did not even think about or to make for yourself. Be sure that you can be in the heart of the politics and decide with others by yourself.
Do not live by your individuality only. You are required at least to consider the future of your children. So that they do not become such these victims, who were oblivious and live their own lives only.
Paul Wolfowitz
Jews behind Christian masks. War criminals. It is strange that the God who dupe his believers that he is them harmless curator and the lighter of them seeing, Is the same who blind the visions of the millions but billions of his believers, Whether they are Christians or Muslims, Embalm and anesthetize them by these religions.
Barack Obama: Jews behind mask Deceived the Christians and Muslims. He was calling for the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland in the election campaign. After he visited Israel (Notice how the candidate of a superpower like America Formed by 250 million Christian, takes his position from a small gang), forgot Barack even his speeches. Notice, to where arrive the recklessness of the Zionist lobby in the inattentive peoples and religions. Most American presidents and kings of the world are masked Jews.