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In the year 2009 alone, and in a small country like Netherlands. The profits of the supermarkets companies were 31 billion Euros. These billions are expression on the material values of the efforts of millions of people like you and their daily bread and them life items.
These billions of Euros which you pump with millions of people like you will go to the banks, to be a political system, economic system, media system, work system and unjust life system which impose on you.
This is happen because the person lives in his individuality and does not meet other individuals who they are millions, which also live in their individuality, ignorance and fear, which is not justified.
Thus they meet or collect in the supermarkets that represents a system  (prices-work hours-salaries), to make the supermarket and its billions with their efforts values (money), and to separate as individuals in the same system. 
These individuals can with their capital which is 31 billion euro in one year, own a network of supermarkets, newspapers and television stations and impose the just system on the reality ground. This did not happen due to the absence of the consciousness and the absence of the Organization which achieve this consciousness.
This you will accomplish by your simple step. When you will own with me a supermarket as a material fact on the reality ground. Works in it the individual six hours with full pay, and periods of social-intellectual interaction to gain awareness. And goods at affordable prices.
Here these inattentive millions will see a structure represent a system as a fact on the ground, and will be with you to achieve your new system.
If you do not take the initiative now, these millions will remain inattentive and pumps the values of their effort for their flagellant And they will remain paralyzed in the spiral of the current system. Therefore be aware and take initiative.
My project with you is establishing of a list.
List Target: Bar (interaction pole. Pump station of values. Intersecting station of relations). Within a university or a university library or in the vicinity.
We will participate by shares, each according her/ his ability, to create the Capital of establishing the bar.
Bar owners, managers, workers and clients, are the students themselves and any individual who committed to our just system.
The first step, we will meet to form a committee. To register names of who wish to participate and the number of their shares. And tracking the progress of work.
The committee or committees are administered by rotation. Leadership in our system is for the principles and rules. The individual or individuals who run the work. Are the representatives of these principles and rules.
The price of the commodity: the price of a product (from the current system) + fees (water, electricity and rent) + the value of the workers effort + a small profit for the shareholders.
The shareholders will earn 2 times, from the profit even if it is simple, and from the cheap commodity.
The price of a product also depends on the number of the clients (participants), if the number increased, we will work to make the product cheaper. If the number of the customers is law. We will increase the price of the commodity, to cover the expenses (current system) and wages of the workers (students their expenses in the current system).
Open system. The customer is the owner and the owner is the customer.
Anyone can participate by her/ his shares, even after the founding of the bar. Because the increase in the number of the customers means the increase in the number of the relations (social tissue). Growth of the capital. Include the individual to a fair system.  And the achievement of equality, equal opportunities, and the human culture at the same time.
Shares values of the new participants, be included to the profit and divided at the end of the month on the number of shares.
Not entitled to an individual to participate by shares more than 10% of the total number of shares. (Equality. Equal Opportunities).
We will meet periodically and analyze together, in order to make right decisions.
After our progress in this project. We will go outside to the society by system, working methods, capital and gained experience. To achieve the same principles. In the bigger and more important projects.
Put hesitation and fear aside and let us start building on the reality ground.
Ps: if you dont rceive e-mail from me that means I didnt received your e-mail. Try to send me sms please: 0031(0)6 45 45 65 30
An caricatural example of the Exploitative relation
Okay Lets begin,
Let us remember first what we have discovered in the chapter "Your easy step"
Ideas for projects without capital:
A book about the current economic crisis: (In Netherland if you are in Netherland or in the country where you are).
How the crisis arise?.
Where did the funds of banks and insurers go before the crisis?.
Why there is no review and auditing of the accounts, records and documents of the Banks and Insurers before and after the crisis.? Is it evaporated?.
Where did the state funds go before austerity I and II and to which destination?.
Why these destinations and not others?.
In Holand 63 billion Euros given as assistance from the government to the banks and insurers since Budget Day 2008. Was the decision of the Authority or from the hands behind the scenes?.
What does it mean 63 billion Euro?. What are the numbers of efforts. sweat. aspirations. suffering, time and enormous social interactions which happened, which reduced by these numbers which is the heritage and fatigue of the people.
How the authority dispose of these numbers without refer to the people, which is its maker and owner?.
How to become these numbers just idioms. such as high salaries, bonuses, profits, crisis and austerity,. etc.
Austerity for whom? Is it for the people or for the category (Lobby) of high salaries, bonuses, profits and privileges?.
How this ring (banks, insurers …etc) exercise its influence in the decision of the state?.
Why not be affected by this crisis countries that do not control its banks a lobby such as India, China, Russia, Brazil, etc. ?.
The real value and prices in euros. The price of a coffee for example when the euro applied was 1 gulden. and become 2 euros or about 5 gulden. namely 1 to 5, and there are items increased its value more. Prices are always linked to the income or salary, namely purchasing power. Is the salaries or income increased in euros in the same  ratio of the high prices?. Namely a salary of 1000 euro become 5000 or 7000 euro?.
(banks, companies... etc.), which is still operating by its system in the European Union and the crises caused (Greed and prices), Such as when you withdraw money from your account in Netherlands and you are in Italy you will be counted as a international transaction. And when you call Holland from Italy. you will be counted as international call, while you are talking in the European Union. The EU politicians despite their high salaries and privileges they don't protect you but they protect the banks, insurers..etc.
How the members of the authority involve by them high salaries, privileges and silence with the banks and the media in the looting and exploitation of peoples under different names such as crisis, salaries. profits, bonuses, privileges, revival of banks. Insurers, maintain the financial system ... etc.
Global News site:
participate by it students and non-students around the world, similar to a radio and television station through the Internet. Present also reports and documentaries...etc. Capital formation through the ads. subscriptions. Sale of documentaries, scientific studies and analysis, reports, films, design of book covers, making the ads whether films or poster or other and may be bookselling. After achieving the capital and gain experience, issued from this site a printed newspaper or magazine, carrying news with analyses and scientific studies.
A book on Dutch media: (if you are in Netherland or the Italian media if you are in Italy... etc).
How many times appeared Cohen and Wilders in the media, whether on television or newspapers, compared to other politicians and why?.
How many times have brought negative news about crime for example, compared to positive incidents and relationships.
A comparison between the Dutch and the German television for example. The superficial programs and the lack of the knowledge in the Dutch television.
Why is the presentation of the American shows of certain persons and not others, such as Oprah show, jerry show and Dr Phil show?. What are the hidden relationship between the Dutch and the American media and what is the one lobby who controls them?.
The blackout on the facts. Examples of news which we did not hear in Dutch media
A delegation of 56 member of the European Parliament from 12 countries visited the besieged Gaza.
George Galloway, the member of the British parliament, who led the convoy "life artery 3" to Gaza, and what happen to him with his delegation in Egypt, Where was the confiscation of fifty vehicles, including his personal car, and the attack on members of the convoy.
Britain expels official at the Israeli embassy as well as Australia, in response to the falsification of passports of the two states, In the case of the assassination of Hamas commander Mabhuh in Dubai.
Israel prevents Noam Chomsky from entering the West Bank.
4 million orphans in Iraq between poverty, homelessness and violence.
Call to stop childbearing in Fallujah, as a result of deformation.
A book on Iraq: after (Liberation).
5 million refugees
4 million orphans
Organized crime, a large number of bands. Kidnapping and robbery, as well as a new type of crimes did not know the country before, such as currency counterfeiting, drug trafficking, theft and smuggling of antiquities, and trade in children. Since many of these gangs came from outside the country.
Treasures of Babylon and Assyria are sold in Israel. Recognized the Israeli Department of Antiquities of the large amount of stolen Iraqi antiquities in Israel, been smuggled since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Drugs, AIDS and cancers were not known before.
Pollution of the environment, whether radioactive materials or other. So far drinking water is contaminated. Electricity for a few hours a day, poverty, malnutrition, unemployment... etc.
deformed children's and citizens of Fallujah city will stop childbearing…etc.
Illiteracy, about third of the population according to official statistics. As estimated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the number of illiterates in Iraq are six million, more than four million of them outside the country due to the security situation and poor services after the American invasion of Iraq 2003, Please note that Iraq was free of illiteracy in 1990.
Establish the concept of sectarianism that came with the American invasion, which included even the school Curricula.
The poisonous heritage that the U.S. troops bury in Iraq. A document issued by the Pentagon in 2009 stating that the volume of hazardous waste for U.S. troops reached 11 million pounds, or about five thousand tons.
The Israeli Mossad in Iraq. Assassination of more than 400 Iraqi scientists. Interrogators at Abu Ghraib were from the Mossad.
List for writing of books, magazines and production of animated films for children and adults. about the scientific experiments. Cartoon movies, but meaningful about political, economic and social issues.
A book on Gaza freedom flotilla:
In which participate 650 activists from 40 countries. And the convoys which preceded it, such as the life artery 3, which was led by the British MP George Galloway. This book is a process of collecting stories, impressions and ideas of the participants in this flotilla. The site of the free Gaza movement . The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief) or IHH is a Turkish NGO active in more than 100 countries, IHH provides humanitarian relief in areas of war, earthquake, hunger, and conflict. The IHH holds Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Nine Turkish activists were killed by Israeli troops on board of IHH ship Mavi Marmara in the International waters.
Projects with little capital:
Sewing workshop: for production of jackets for Brommer and motorcycle, With the service of making jackets according to the size of the person by ordering through the Internet. As well as the manufacture of handbags for females. After gaining the experience and skill, these handbags will developed to be a marque with high quality and distinctive, And probably made by hand, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton bags.
Micro car:
Modification of a small motorcycle to a small car with three wheels (Two front wheels and one rear),with two seats one behind the other and with movable lid.
fast bicycle:
Manufacturing a light and fast bicycle, is possible that function with new mechanical system. Aerodynamic with a movable lid.
Manufacturing a small boat working by a footage pedal which move very quickly a disc connected to an air fan run very quickly to move this boat like the hovercraft.
Manufacturing a small boat working by bicycle pedal, but advanced and quick, connected with a water fan (under water).
Manufacturing a boat works with aerial fans self-moving with the direction of the wind. Unlike the sail, which the person have to moves according the direction of the wind. Fans can be lifted and dropped, therefore not  lead to open the bridges that pass beneath, and does not lead to stopping cars waiting for opening bridges, and causing traffic jams. The commander of the boat does not need extra effort to lead the boat, only moving the rudder whatever the wind direction. Electricity needs generated by these fans as well. It is possible to use solar cells.