You and millions like you. Make every day an inhuman system and you do not know. Wherein you pump with the millions every day, billions of euros and dollars are the material values of the people efforts, into the pockets of the exploiters. To be false media and global policy governed by the Zionist lobby.
They pumps and accumulate their billions by what so-called cash flow, very quickly, from the bleeding of the ordinary human, to stay without purchasing power. So the Crises arise, to find yourself in the street with no job, by the same system, and find yourself fighting by corrupt political decision, someone who did not meet him, in other parts of the earth, to be a tool for the lobby and you are oblivious.
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+The Arabic words in the Dutch language
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+Quran has realized Jezus and Muslims are the closest to the Christians
+Christians are Muslims before the Muslims, what is the Islam?
+Palestinian resistance is a legal right
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This is the overall schema, of our Variant just system, and your position in your first step in its building, your role in the coming Strategic stages.
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